PUBG Xbox Canada Event Toronto

Winner Winner – PUBG pop-up brings chicken dinners to Ossington

It’s been a few months since PUBG came to the Xbox One and, now that the holiday chaos is over, the good people at Xbox Canada decided it was time to celebrate by bringing some of the coolest people in the Toronto gaming scene to one of the hippest neighbourhoods in the city.

In a style reminiscent of Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos, Winner’s Dinners was brought to life at 38 Ossington on Thursday night.

PUBG Xbox Canada Event Toronto
PUBG pop-up Winner’s Dinners – an Xbox Canada event, Feb. 15, 2018. Photo by: Christine Chubb

You walk in, order your dinner and then are directed to a back door. As a little window in the door slides open, you’re asked – are you a winner?

Yes. Yes I am.

Thankfully, when the door opened, Gustavo Fring was nowhere to be found. Instead, the room was filled with gaming journos and influencers.

But how did we all find out about this event? In a rather modern-day speakeasy style, Xbox Canada tweeted out a number to call, but very few details other than that.

Once inside the mysterious back room, there were costumes to don, drinks to be had, chicken dinners to eat and, of course, consoles fired up for solo or squad missions. Feel like live streaming your victory? They had that too.

The place was so hot the smoke alarm went off — literally.

PUBG Xbox Canada event Toronto
Getting the squad together and heading into PUBG at the Xbox Canada event, Feb. 15, 2018. Photo by: Christine Chubb

Wish you could have been there too? Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to check it out soon. Just dial that number.

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