Rating The Ratings: MLB The Show 18 Edition

From totally unhappy to very happy, the players MLB The Show used in their “reveal your ratings” promotion campaign had varied feelings about how they were ranked.

But were the players or creators right?

Let’s take a look at how they were rated and how they are playing.

Marcus Stroman – Canadian Cover Athlete – 76 Overall

Despite also being revealed to have 90 stamina, Stroman was not happy about his 76 overall rating.

Season: After suffering an injury in Spring Training, Stroman has been slow out of the gate with a few rough outings against the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.

Verdict: Stroman makes a great point about being a cover athlete, good luck pitching to Joe Mauer any of the years he graced the box. Gonna need to see a little more out of the Blue Jays ace though, before I join him in his fight for a higher rating.

Aaron Judge – Non Canadian cover athlete – 86 overall

Last year’s American League Rookie of the Year and MVP runner up gave his 86 rating a B+, kids these days are not satisfied with anything.

Season: He hits home runs, it’s what he does, it’s what hes doing, it’s what he’ll do.

Verdict: His rating is going to match his number someday that’s not hard to see, right now he still strikes out a crazy amount, but when you pose for the cover picture, you should get a little bump.

Ken Griffey Jr. – Hall of Fame class of 2016 – 99 Overall

Of course he’s happy, he’s the highest rated player in the game and you didn’t even know he was in the game.

Season: Well there is no season, but he was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame with the highest ever percentage, so he’s earned his snaps.

Verdict: They have his speed down to a 12 which is sub catcher speed, so is this supposed to be what Griffey Jr. would be in 2018? That makes no sense, but with that sweet swing, The Kid deserves this honour.

Trea Turner – 82 Overall

He’s in his fourth season, he’s happy to be in the game and he guessed his rating to the number.

Season: They rated him a 99 at sealing bases and he’s already into double digits, so that’s a victory for the women and men at San Diego Studio.

Verdict: It sure can’t make Stroman happy, but Turner is getting it done once again for the Nationals and seems to be living up to an 80s rating.

Cody Bellinger – 83 overall

Won the National League Rookie of the Year last year and helped lead the Dodgers to the World Series, which they did not win.

Season: 39 homers is going to be a tough mark to top in his sophomore campaign, but he’s off to a decent start once again.

Verdict: Probably a little higher than it should’ve been out of the box, but not by enough to make into big deal. The young man can handle the bat and will probably find himself on the cover very soon.

Carlos Correa – 85 Overall

Thought he was going to be in the 90s, was let down to find himself only rated at 85.

Season: Member of the World Series champions and looks just as good this year as he did last year.

Verdict: He probably should’ve been in the 90s.

*Screenshot from MLB The Show 18

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