Beyond Good And Evil

5 games I’d love to see release dates for – even if they might not exist yet

There may be no shortage of AAA games out there to play and several more coming down the wire any minute, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting more. Some are games that have been teased and some are ones I just hope will happen eventually, in my lifetime. Here’s my Top 5.

The Last Of Us 2

Despite Troy Baker’s warning that “you are not ready” for the next iteration of the ground-breaking The Last Of Us, Momin says he can’t wait any longer and I’m with him. First announced in 2016, there’s been no official release date for Naughty Dog game. In 2018, a huge trailer was dropped during PlayStation’s E3 press conference but there’s not been much word on it in the last few months. It seems a little late to have a last-minute fall drop so is it wrong to be hopeful for a first quarter 2020 release?

Fable 4

Oh my dear Fable. It’s been a rocky road ever since creator Peter Molyneux left his company Lionhead in 2012 just before the release of Fable the Journey. Then Fable Legends was cancelled and Lionhead Studios was officially closed. Despite all that, fans of the franchise, including myself, are still optimistic we’ll one day return to the world of Albion. And when we do, it will hopefully be more akin to the original two games than what came after.

Sunset Overdrive 2

Arguably the best new game to come to the XboxOne at launch nearly six years ago, this colourful, energetic, fun, acrobatic original Xbox exclusive was a breath of fresh air. Since then there’s been not even one iota about a sequel to this title, which has been a shame since Xbox exclusive titles have been few and far between – especially original, new titles. But seeing how the team behind it, Insomniac Games, just hit it out of the park with Spider-Man, I’m skeptical they will be coming back to the world of spiked energy drinks any time soon.

Little Big Planet 4

It’s been so long since we last had an LBP game that PlayStation VR has come and gone without some kind of virtual Sackboy iteration — which, to me, would have been a match made in heaven. It was 2014 the last time we had a new Little Big game so where the heck has it been??? The fun, family friendly puzzler seemed to be a staple of the PS lineup for a while but then it appears to have mysteriously vanished. And it’s a shame because I was sitting in the crowd at Sony’s E3 presentation when LBP 3 was announced and it was, by far, one of the biggest audience reactions of the evening — and that was just to the logo appearing on screen. Will we ever get a new one? Will we have to wait for the PS5? And if so, why? I don’t have any of these answers but I wish I did.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

The hype was REAL with the surprising announcement of Beyond Good and Evil returning at the Ubisoft E3 press conference in 2017. But since then there’s barely been a peep about it. It’s understandable though. With this “spiritual successor” 16 years in the making, fans of this game have some pretty high expectations and I’m sure the last thing the crew at Ubisoft Montpellier wants is to let people down — and nothing can do that more than rushing a game. What we saw got us excited but it may be a very long wait until we actually get our hands on this one. Ubisoft also should get a honourable mention for two other titles we’d love to see the next iteration of – Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia.

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