Far Cry New Dawn Twins

Should Far Cry have saved the New Dawn twins for their own game

The Far Cry franchise has made a name for itself with highly charismatic villains and New Dawn – the expansion to Far Cry 5 – is no exception.

Mickey and Lou, the motocross, violent, sometimes comical twins, complimented the post-explosion environment perfectly.

Not only did the stories told by locals of their reign of terror on the land really build up the suspense and legendary status of these two, but it made every interaction with them better because of the build up of anticipation.

And when you came face-to-face with these two, I never knew what to expect and, more times than not, it was more violent than I’d expected. And It was awesome.

A lot of this is due to the fantastic voice work of Cara Ricketts (Mickey) and Leslie Miller (Lou). The complicated and delightful dynamic they created as two powerful and driven sisters on a unstoppable mission really gave depth to the characters. In this case, in a way that we hadn’t really seen in a Far Cry villain before.

Despite Far Cry 5 being about a family, the actual interactions between the siblings didn’t veer far from the player’s interactions with the characters – you didn’t get to really see that earnest family chemistry.

Whereas with the twins, we were allowed to see a lot of how they problem-solved and got a much bigger hint at what they were like behind closed doors and perhaps who they were before all of this anarchy happened.

It was refreshing.

My biggest problem with the game is that when it comes to the twins, in the end there wasn’t as much payoff.

I think Mickey and Lou were good enough characters to have fronted their own, full title but because of the limitations of DLC, I really felt that they ended up getting a very one-dimensional back story. When I finally got to learn more about these two I was defiantly left wanting more.

Their back story was hinted at several times throughout the game and then when it finally came to fruition I was like … that’s it? I honestly felt there had to be part of the game I hadn’t unlocked yet that would let me dive deeper into their past, but then I looked at the map and found out there was not.

I know it was important to return to the story of The Father and finish up what Far Cry 5 started, and the obvious connection between what he had done and the consequences of the world he had created, but I felt like his story came at the expense of the story of the twins.

FarCry The Father

I understand that every Far Cry game is different and that there’s little to no chance of the franchise bringing these two back, but a part of me wishes they’d kept them on the back-burner and instead of revolving DLC around them, used them in the next game – whatever that may be. I think they would have had a lot to offer a main campaign in the crazy worlds created by the Far Cry team.

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