Wolfenstein Young Blood Twins

Wolfenstein: Youngblood official launch trailer just dropped

The Blazkowicz twins are on a mission — to find their father and kill some Nazis.

Bethesda has released the official launch trailer for Wolfenstein: Youngblood – which comes to consoles on Friday.

Check it out below:

Some cool things to note about the game is that co-op appears to be essential when it comes to being successful.

You’re playing as twins after all, which means you have to have each other’s backs.

Not only will working as a team help you take down some of the toughest baddies in the game but if your teammate goes down and you do nothing to help them, you’ll lose a shared life.

This game appears to be no place for spotlight hogs.

On the other hand, when one of you gets a bonus boost, with proper coordination, you’ll both benefit – so it’s got both negative and positive reinforcement.

Don’t have any friends or hate playing with others? Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to play the game.

Shoot your way through Nazi infected Paris in the 1980s to find your dad, BJ, who has gone missing. And since it’s the 80s, here’s hoping there will be some awesome alternate-reality retro references kicking around.

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